Are your business or agency need video marketing and you want to produce a commercial, documentary and corporate video? Gate5 is one of the best video production companies in Los Angeles, California. Contact us today for all types of commercial video production: event, demo, TV commercial, beauty, fashion, etc. Call us- 818.492.4623.

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Unique Places in Los Angeles to spend the Weekend - Google Flights

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An IRS audit is basically an examination or a review of an individual’s accounts or a business’s accounts. The information reviewed typically includes bank statements, tax returns, and financial information. These audits are completed to ensure that individuals and businesses are properly filing and paying taxes according to the IRS and rules set forth. If you find yourself in the middle of an IRS audit, don’t hesitate any longer and call the experts at Leading Tax Group. We are committed to working with individuals and businesses just like yours to ensure that the audit goes as smoothly as possible.Why an IRS Audit? If you have been notified that you have been selected for an IRS audit, try not to panic. Yes, individuals who evade taxes do get audited, but just because you were selected does not mean that you did anything wrong.The IRS has several methods of determining who is the victim of an IRS audit. The first method is through a computer screening and also random selection. Often times, tax returns are chosen based on a formula and when the return meets the set forth criteria, it is selected.Another method the IRS uses is called related examinations. What this means is that your return may be chosen because someone you did business with was selected for an examination or because one of your investors was selected for an audit.

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What do you get when you combine company culture and brand values? A magical force called brand culture. Brand culture is how employees interpret and embody brand values, and how that influences external-facing brand perceptions.
To understand the true power of brand culture, look no further than the incredible internal brands found at Southwest, Publix and Moz. We’ll use these examples to explore how marketers and leaders can strengthen internal values to make their company more competitive.
When most people think about company culture, images of in-office ping pong tables and paid vacation often come to mind. Brand cultures take these ordinary scenes of a corporate environment and infuse them with the meaningful influence of brand values.
You see, a corporate culture without brand values is merely a glorified attendance policy. It tells employees how they should act, but it doesn’t explain why those actions matter. Alternatively, a corporate culture infused with brand values gives employees purpose. It determines how people should interact with customers, and how conflicts can be resolved. It gives you standards to uphold; a mission to follow.

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The modest fashion label was announced on the brand's Instagram channel where Azria, who herself dresses modestly annouced the partnership.

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