Method for fix the toner cartridge in a printer.
1. Open the printer door with hand to use the toner cartridge.
2. Remove drum by pulling it straight out.
3. Be carefully to remove cartridge by pressing on drum assembly.
4. Take new toner cartridge, the new cartridge is within plastic packing.
5. First you need to shake the toner cartridge, this help makes to distribute toner throughout the cartridge.
6. Remove the packing and pull off the sealing tap.
7. Put the new cartridge in your printer and slide the drum cleaning with froth and back method.
8. Again insert drum and closed the printer door port.
9. Now start your printer and ready to use.
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If you want to print a document through a wireless network, then you have must need to connect the printer to the network and install software on the computer.
Setting up the printer on your wireless network by network name, password and check other wifi routers, printer and computer must be turned on.
Connect to the wireless network that is shown on your computer window. If now show, then you need to
1. Turn on your printer
2. Turn on the wifi on computer or laptop by touch or go to control panel and setting wireless setup wizards
3. A list of wireless network show by name
4. Please done it or OK
5. Contact needs for any help for any printer installation or software download

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