HIPAA and The Medical Practice - Live Webinar

We have all heard and been exposed to HIPAA in the healthcare field, but do you really know what it means and exactly how it applies to you? This webinar provides an often-overlooked basic overview of the origins of HIPAA and the actual laws and statutes that make up the HIPAA Omnibus Rule. The speaker will then highlight the major changes that must have been implemented after the 2013 HIPAA updates. Thereafter, the attendee will learn the basic requirements for a Notice of Privacy Practices as well as when authorizations are and are not required for the use and disclosure of a patient’s protected health information. The latter half of the webinar will focus on the identification of a breach and what the required process is to remedy a breach if it is determined one has occurred.

The Federal Office for Civil Rights, the government entity tasked with enforcing HIPAA began a preliminary pilot program in 2015 to ensure a certain number of random compliance audits of Covered Entities. The initial overview of HIPAA requirements and policies will help the attendee determine if his or her practice is compliant. Thereafter, the speaker will highlight what “red flags” the Office for Civil Rights looks for when determining whether to audit a practice and learn what to do in the event you are selected for a random audit.

Session Objectives:

Determining the level of compliance with HIPAA
Recognizing areas that need to be brought into compliance
Learning how to analyze a breach
Current trends in enforcement actions
Areas Covered In The Session :

HIPAA Basics
Notice of Privacy Practices
Use and Disclosure of PHI
Physical, Technical and Administrative Safeguards
HIPAA Breaches
Business Associates and Business Associate Subcontractors
Enforcement Actions
Q&A Session

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