Libra, Calibra: Facebook’s Ambitious Cryptocurrency | Blockchainerz

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Facebook has always been an effective advertising and marketing channel for supporting businesses. And so the platform has rolled out various updates to help the brands’ business pages to showcase their content in a helpful way to their potential users. It has updated business pages to improve brand presence, support business goals and ultimately enhance the experience of the target audiences. From offering Page Templates to enhanced messenger capabilities, Facebook has multiplied on the amount of customization and tools available to brands.

So, in this article, we will provide you some tips to beef up your Facebook business pages.

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Facebook users of modest, traditional brands favored by conservative ideals, while provocative brands, were more likely to be worn by the liberal-minded.

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Read this blog to know what are the top social media trends for 2018. Check out key factors that will impact how businesses use social media in the year ahead. Read more to know what are important trends in the popular platforms as Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram

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Apple's Overall Engineers Meeting was held this year, and it is one of two noteworthy occasions the organization has each year. WWDC is another event for top application developers. It is concentrated on the stages that application producers assemble stuff for.

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