No, our writer does not eavesdrop. But it usually from stories that we learn the most and we learn the best. The writer had a little conversation in his own mind taking into consideration two entrepreneurs and some issues that we, as a branding studio have seen among business novices. Read on, maybe you’ll find answers in other’s problems.

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Learn how good packaging influences sales and why it needs to be moved up in the hierarchy of aspects that ensures the success of a new product launch. There are many aspects of how designers conduct packaging design. This piece will talk about the why and how of good packaging design. Because packaging is to the product what branding is to the idea.

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From an arbitrary phenomenon to a corporate strategy- redefining the concept that remains exclusive of creative innovation. Jugaad is something that has brought the corporate world to look into the Indian art of getting things done- bringing results in the simplest possible manner, with diminished use of resources. Ironically, perfecting jugaad has become the need of the hour. How? Read on.

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Reading is a basic skill that everyone who goes to school acquires. Then why are some people able to extract more from the same book that others can also read? The answer lies in mindful reading. This piece has knowledge about why you might not like reading, how to start and cultivate a habit. Maybe you want to start mindful reading with this piece itself?

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This is not a clickbait. The importance of saying ‘no’ increases when you are talking about something that can make or break your business. It is important to get the ‘right’ investor because you don’t just need a capital source but an investor who is able to contribute a lot more than their dollars. And if you think your business is not worth taking the risk of rejecting incoming capital, you need to read this piece.

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Ideas are dime a dozen. But they need polishing as diamonds do because the good ones are rare. An idea could be a bolt out of the blue from subconscious ideation or it could be a deliberate 77th draft and the idea bloomed into existence. In either case, an idea is a process, cultivation of thought, or even a revolution in some cases. Then how do you polish an idea before implementing it? Why do you do it? Isn’t branding exactly that? All answers in this blog.

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Today, website is the biggest way to communication between businesses and consumers. A website is a place where consumers directly interact with your business and this is a significant part of both online and offline marketing. Read this blog for further...

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