Reasons for Migration from Activiti to CamundaMany users is migrate from activiti to camunda and they will still work on it they have not looked back and many users have still working on activiti.

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This webinar series will help the aspirants to grasp the Blockchain Terminology with help of Hyperledger, Ethereum and in terms of Health Industry. Webinar #Series on Blockchain in Healthcare Industry, Ethereum in Action and Hyperledger Framework.

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Spring Boot Training | Public Scheduled Training

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Generally updated in the area of Object detection, you might be knowing about YOLO (You Only Look Once). YOLO is a neural network for real-time Object Detection. It is a system built on deep learning.

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BPM Developer training is specifically for the developers intending to deal with the Digital Transformation of Business processes that exist in the real world. The training focuses on the basic information about the BPMN2.0 helping the learners to know about the core functionality.

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JUnit Test Framework Tutorials | JUnit Testing Examples in Java

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However unlike Android and Chrome OS,Google Fuchsia is based on its own new micro-kernel named Zircon .This time it is not based on Linux Foundation. You must be thinking now what is Zircon? Zirkon was produced by a coder named Travis Geiselbrecht, who also created the New OS kernel.Zircon was previously known as Magenta.It is mostly used for embedded systems .Zircon is the core platform where Google Fuchsia will be built.It consists of services,drivers,server spaces and libraries which are necessary for system to work,for hardware etc.Fuchsia is an open source free software.It is developed in such a way that it has ability to run on all devices like smartphones,tablets, laptops and desktops.Fuchsia does not face any scalability issues

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Artificial Intelligence based Computer Vision

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Anypoint Studio (Transform Message)

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Blue Prism Training | Attune Online Training

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UiPath Training | UiPath Online Training | ATTUNE

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