Most powerful inventory management extension for magento with stock, warehouse, supplier & invoice management modules and android & ios based free mobile app.

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While searching for the most efficient method to build your Partner Portal, you should consider this view to save time, effort and keep your data safe. Find out more about CRM Portals integrations and keeping your Data secure.

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A brief overview of 5 of the best Magento product designer extensions along with their features, prices and download links.

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Multiple Benefits of Magento Extensions You Might Be Overlooking!

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Survey Automation help to schedule surveys at the desired time from your CRM. Automate periodic feedback collection with Automated Surveys with Survey Rocket.

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appjetty onto CRM

AppJetty celebrates Summer Fiesta from 23 August to 23rd September. Apply the coupon code SUMMER10 while buying Magento Extensions, Odoo Apps/Themes, Sugar/Suite CRM plugins, WordPress and Dynamics CRM Plugins from AppJetty and get flat 10% Off!

This is a limited time offer!! Place an order with us before the time runs out!

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FedEx Smart Shipping Extension allows store admins to manage all aspects of FedEx freight shipping directly from within their Magento dashboard. Get Live Shipping rates, manage FedEx configurations, validate addresses, provide multiple delivery options, manage shipment tracking and consignment pickup by FedEx - in short, everything you would want from world’s leading ecommerce shipping service.

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Prevent poor survey results affecting the business decision. Avoid making common mistakes to boost your sales with inaccurate customer feedbacks. We have analyzed the market scenario and listed some of the reasons responsible for low response rates of any survey. Identify the reasons that spoil your customer surveys before it increases the count of unhappy customers.

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Advanced Data Piping in Surveys

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appjetty onto CRM

The perfect suitecrm mobile app help increases access to collateral, better performance and allows you to do a quick response to customer queries. Here are the top 5 elements that make it perfect.

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Kingfisher Odoo theme is a responsive ecommerce theme for business that give rich, aesthetic and attractive look to your odoo website or store and improving traffic and revenue both.

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Microsoft dynamics crm maps plugin helps you with map visualization, plot records, save definitions and location, sales region reorganization, spot pattern like heat map to get a better understanding of market geography.

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Language should not be a barrier for your customers. We know Google Translate does the work but is it enough? Learn how you can overcome Google Translate’s shortcomings.

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Magento 2 Track Order Extension, Shipment Tracking Status Module - AppJetty

Magento order tracking extension allows magento 2 store customers to track the status of orders & shipments accurately with order number and email address without signing in.

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If your M2 store uses AusPost eParcel services, Get our Magento 2 Australia Post eParcel Extension to fetch contracts rates, manage consignments, print consignment labels track shipments.

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Are you looking for an alternative of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Portal? Check out AppJetty’s Dynamics CRM customer portal features and how it helps businesses across the world to establish better customer relationships!

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Manage your Magento 2 store backend from mobile with MageMob Admin extension & mobile app package. Manage products, check order details, track order fulfilment - all from your mobile app!

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Salesforce is a portal that not only offers the assistance that your customers seek but also go a long way in enhancing the organizational intelligence for your business. Find out how through this blog post.

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If you have your Magento Store and are thinking about converting into a mobile application, we have come up with tips that will help you do so. Read through and know about the ways in which you can do that.

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Mobile app builder for Magento is a #mobileappextension which helps you to build a native #Androidapp and native #iOSapp for your #Magento store easily and quickly. To Know More About App:

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Building a mobile app with developers can create many complicacies. But if you want to have the complete control of it, an app builder would be of great help.

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If you have an eCommerce store, then integrating your eStore with an Odoo ERP theme will be certainly an icing on the cake! The Odoo Kingfisher eCommerce theme comes robust, responsive and agile.

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If you own an e-store in Australia and face issues with shipping order & parcel data. Find out the benefits of eParcel shipping extension and why should you consider integrating with e-store?

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IoT is changing the way we live and CRM is changing the way we work Blending both these technologies will take the customer experience to the next level. This blog talks about such a future solution.

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Inventory management is one of the critical ingredients of any ecommerce business. Here are the reasons why you need an efficient inventory management software & points to consider before buying it for your Dynamics CRM.

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Must-Have Powerful Ecommerce Mobile App Features in 2020

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Magento StarTrack Shipping Extension, Shipping Rates within Australia - AppJetty

StarTrack Shipping Magento Extension integrates StarTrack Shipping services with your Magento store, if you operate in Australia and intend to ship products within Australia.

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Here are 5 very good reasons why you should have a survey tool integrated within your CRM software, whether you have a few customers or thousands of them.

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The explosion of mobile usage in the past decade means that if your CRM application is not on mobile, it isn't doing the best it can.

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