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Our Family Law attorneys strive to help you identify key issues and discoverable information related to assets and rights. Our attorneys will handle your divorce with skill and compassion and with the appropriate attention.

A divorce is hard to begin with but can become much more difficult when children are involved. During a divorce, custody and child support can be some of the most heated and high stakes topics in the courtroom. Thousand Oaks divorce attorneys have financial professionals who will comb through every financial record to determine an appropriate number.

If you or your former spouse is seeking to modify your existing child support order, there are some key factors you need to consider, which only a qualified Thousand Oaks child support attorney like Stephanie L. Mahdavi can handle for you. With many years of experienced advocacy, family law attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi has helped many families in Thousand Oaks reach the desired outcome.

High asset divorces in Westlake Village often involve complex issues not seeing in other types of divorce cases. It is common for these individuals to attempt to limit the amount of alimony and child support they provide. A Westlake Village high-asset divorce attorney can get a clearer picture of the actual circumstances surrounding your case.

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Under California law, spouses have fiduciary duties to each other and cannot have their divorce entered until Declarations of Disclosure have been complete in which they disclose their income, expenses, assets and debts.

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Mr. Hassan Elhais explains who are accepted as witnesses and what their impact could mean for the outcome. 90% of the cases will involve witnesses and they can have the biggest impact on the outcome of the case.

Mr. Hassan Elhais explains the kind of correspondences that the court accepts, and the role of the mediators in the processes of the family courts, whose purpose is to communicate between the parties to settle an amicable solution to the family dispute.

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