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5 Steps to Self Soothe and Manage Stressful Situations

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Soothing yourself during stressful situations is an extremely useful skill to have, but it isn’t something that comes naturally! You can try to focus on balanced living and decreasing day to day stress, however things will always come up that you just can’t plan for. And knowing how to keep your cool and manage stress during these times is an invaluable skill.

Stress can affect our personal health, mental health, and emotional health. They way we react to a stressful situation affects us personally, affects us at work, and affects our friends & family. So knowing how to self-soothe and manage stress is imperative for balanced living and wellness!

What are the effects of stress?
Physical Health
When you are triggered by a stressful interaction, your heart rate increases, your blood pressure rises and you are thrown into a “fight or flight” response. This is a chemical release in your body and naturally we want to defend ourselves. By self-soothing, we are telling our bodies “everything is ok” and that chemical response goes away.

Long term, stress causes physical health problems such as increased cortisol which makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight, increases our blood pressure, and sets us up for chronic medical conditions.

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