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Zeoveda Herbals is engaged in the field of providing high-quality Herbal Medicines and Health Products to the public at the reasonable price. All the products are manufactured after an intensive research of the Ayurvedic Texts. Surender Ranga Mr. Ranga is an experienced Banker is an MBA Banking & Finance. He started his career with Bank of Baroda as PO Agriculture Finance. He worked as Sr.Manager SME, Agri and International finance. with more than 25 years work exposure at various places. His last assignment was with Axis Bank as Vice President of Business Development. He has his own organic farm at Karnal in Haryana India. He is personally involved in the day to day functioning of Zeoveda Herbals LLP looking after customer experience


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Zeoveda Herbals

Zeoveda Musali Plus (for 45+ men)

Musali Plus is specially used for the men of 45 and above age, for boosting their general and sexual health. It will boost your sexual vigor, vitality and stamina and controls your Stress, insomnia, cancer, BP, diabetes and digestion system. The men who loses interest in sex then use Musali plus and improve your sex life after the age of 45.

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Go and Get 60% Discount on Diwali!! Use Coupon “diwalisale” for getting extra 5% discount!!

Zeoveda Dia Hit is the best treatment of diabetes and controls your blood sugar level. 100% herbal product and make you happy and healthy.

Buy Now :
call at 9115523300.
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Features of Dia Hit

Specially used for the treatment of Diabetes.

As the name suggests the product is made for helping the Diabetic persons.

All the ingredients have clinically been found to help the sugar patient.

Diabetes accounts for a big share of lifestyle diseases all around the world and India is no different.

Ayurvedic System of medicine has since long been helping the patients to overcome the trauma of Sugar.

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Zeoveda Herbals
Zeoveda Musli XXX
Zeoveda Herbals has formulated Musli XXX for the problem of Premature Ejaculation Musli XXX boosts your stamina, strength, power and energy level of your body resultant boost your immune system.
100 % herbal products.
Approved by Ayush Ministry, Govt of India
Buy Now : or call at 9115523300. Use promo code “diwalisale” for getting an extra discount.
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What is Sexual Health

As per the definition by WHO, Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.

The children commonly indulge in Masturbation and this is not a health problem because they being human being its natural for them to indulge in this habit. This habit does not pose any risk to their sexual health.

Teens and youngsters are sexually mature and their sexual organs have developed now. Their curiosity towards having sex increases and they start indulging in sexual activities. This may also lead to STD OR HIV or girls may get pregnant. So the teens must avoid unprotected sex to remain safe and healthy. The married male and female have their own sexual health issues.

Male: Premature Ejaculation, this is a condition when the male discharges semen outside the vagina or so soon that none gets satisfaction. Over anxiety or drugs, abuse is the main culprit for the problem.

Erectile dysfunction: When the male loses erection before or after getting in. There are many reasons for the problem like anxiety, not interested in the partner, Diabetes etc

Female Sexual Health Issues: Lack of sexual desire, Sexual Dysfunction, Absence of Sexual Orgasm, Pain while having sexual intercourse is the common sexual health issues found among the women. There are many reasons for these like anxiety, stress, fatigue, hormonal changes etc.

These problems can be overcome with proper education, masturbation, regular health checkups, better nutrition, use of creams during sexual intercourse etc.

Common issues for male and female

Loss of Libido: When the person has no interest in sex it is assumed that he or she has lost Libido. There are many reasons for the same as TB, Drugs or religious sentiments. These problems can be easily cured with the sexual wellness products.

The market is flooded of inferior quality sexual health products. Though they claim to cure these problems but as some of the sexual health products contain chemicals and heavy metals, they may pose many health risks in the future. The products should be made of high quality ingredients and free from any chemical so that they don’t have any side effects.

Zeoveda herbals have launched many sexual wellness products, which have been manufactured in accordance with the Ayush Ministry approved formulations in GMP certified plants with the best quality available extracts. The raw herbs have been collected by the certified collectors from the forests and carefully chosen. As these herbs have grown in wild are organic in nature and hence free from any kind of chemicals etc. The extracts have been tested in Govt. Certified lab and have been found to contain no heavy metals or chemicals as per the W.H.O.standard. These sexual wellness products have been found to give results to the users without any side effects.

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Zeoveda Herbals deals with herbal health products, we believe in quality and 100% assure you about our products that are 100% result oriented. Zeoveda Herbals Provide health product for men's health and family health. We provide veg. capsules to avoid harming religious sentiments. Zeo means quality and veda stands for Ayurveda. We use 100% ayurvedic formulation and make quality products for your personal health. Zeoveda Herbals deals in Herbal Products for Diabetes, Weight Loss, General Health Improvement, Weight Gain and also deals in Sexual Health Products taking care of erection, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, male enhancement, improve vigor, vitality, stamina, and timing etc.

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For More Information Please Visit Our Website: or call at 9115523300.Use promo code “diwalisale” for getting an extra discount.

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Zeoveda Herbals is an e-commerce website, our mission is to provide quality herbal products to our customers. We deals in herbal products for general health i.e, weight loss, diabetes and general wellness, we also deal with sexual wellness products like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and erection etc.

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