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Unified Infotech is an Award Winning technology company, that plan, design and develops sophisticated digital solutions that fuels business efficiency, through a combination of design thinking approach coupled with the latest technologies. Key Highlights: ★ Deloitte recognized us as one of the fastest growing tech companies. ★ Our solutions have raised $30 Million+ venture funding till date. ★ Our solutions are used by Fortune500 companies, MNC's and Government Agencies across the globe. ★ Our mobile app technologies have been Patent approved Our Expertise Technology Consulting UI/UX Design Web Development Mobile App Development

App Development

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App development cost planning is an important part of the app development process. While you are planning all the features you are going to include in your app, you also need to consider the cost of development. To know more about the app development cost, follow this article.

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The features of food delivery app is what makes or breaks it. Read through this list to decide which features your food delivery app really needs.

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How To Build a P2P Payment App - The Easy Shortcuts to Know

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Right from selecting the fetaures right to marketing, know how to make a food delivery app without making any mistake in 2019. Thanks us later.

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People don’t wanna go to a shop anymore. Cure the new nightmare scenario by creating a grocery app. So give them a respite, know how to build a grocery app.

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How To Build a P2P Payment App - The Easy Shortcuts to Know" />

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With the technological improvement in every aspect of our life, the trading and stock market experience is improving as well. With the different online trading platforms, it’s easier than ever to trade financial assets anytime anywhere. But how to create a trading software? Read on to find out.

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These are the factors you need to know before you searching for how to make an app. This article is going to tell you things no one else told you before.

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In this guide we talked about how you can create a Photo Sharing App which could be next Instagram.

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Making money with app may sound easy, but there are different techniques for that as well. Which technique goes best with your app idea? Take a look at this list and decide.

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Mobile Apps are an integral part of your everyday life. From information to entertainment, research to the reservation, etc there is a mobile app for literally everything. This shows how popular apps have become today.

Naturally, mobile app development is going leaps and bounds due to this popularity. But what are the key factors that influence the very cost of mobile app development?

How much does it cost to make an app?

How would you differentiate cheaper development offerings from those offered by a certified app development company?

Keep reading to know more.

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