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We use innovative products and technologies to manage pests without harming the environment. we are leading providers of pest management services to food processing and storage and logistics segments and plan to achieve a similar position with our services in the healthcare industry and educational institutions.

Effective Pest Control Services For Schools, Colleges & Universities in India

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Health and Safety is paramount when working with children or young adults and in a scholastic establishment the presence of pests can get out of hand all too quickly. With many large open areas in schools and colleges like halls, corridors and gymnasiums the spread of a pest infestation can happen very quickly if it is not contained or dealt with immediately. So, if you want to keep to clean and health school or college from harmful pests, hire Pestinct Pro Solutions! Pestinct Pro Solutions offer a comprehensive range of pest control at college and programmes to tackle a broad range of pest problems and all the chemicals we use are environmentally friendly.

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