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Contact for best online astrologer in your city and know about your past, present and future life based on your name,date of birth details and fathers name.

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To Know more Info about Astrology in Hyderabad Online - 18 Siddhas

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Astrology in Tamil - we provide online nadi jyothisham, palm leaf astrology,fingerprint astrology in tamil. contact online who knows information about their future and how to overcome problems in life

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Srishivanadi is the best nadi jyothisham in India. Find & Book good nadi astrologer in hyderabad online and checkout how is your karma. Consult Now!

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Check our astrologer gallery you can find the total nadi jyothisham images. we provide nadi astrology in several languages like telugu,hindi,english,tamil and kannada.

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This world is made up of spiritual and scientific truths. It is dominated both by Theism and Atheism respectively as two philosophical doctrines. But both these doctrines accept astrology in all respects. In particular, Nadi Astrology finds favour with both theists and atheists.
This Ancient Science has been recorded on palm leaves by the enlightened saints through their wisdom, reason and insight for the well-being of mankind. This art of Nadi Astrology is the successful combination of spiritualism and science with forecasts the future of human beings.
Natal astrology is founded upon arithmetical calculations by men whereas Nadi Astrology is predicting by Rishis with their spiritual power. The arithmetical predictions by ordinary human beings with their limited knowledge may lead to failure in most cases. This happens because, no one notes the correct birth time of knowledge may lead to non-success in most cases. This happens because, no one notes the correct birth time of an infant (the correct birth time is the time at which the head of the infant comes out of the womb of its mother).

From time ancient, mankind has always been captivated by the Celtic art of divination thus cultivating the curiosity to know the life ahead and what it has got to offer. It is admirable that Nadi Astrology can perceive aspects of the precise world and destiny that is beyond the comprehension of modern science. There is an perspective in today’s world that rejects the mysticism of tarot readers and astrologers. Fortunately, there’s a specialist Nadi predictor, A Siva Raju Swany to bring forth your fortune from the mists of time. This is your chance to discuss any topic that you have in your mind.
Rajuji will address your concerns and answer your questions. Sometimes the responses are enigmatic because of the complexities of language! The answers are frank and will help you face the future with right attitude.This is the time to seize every opportunity for success in your life.
Please take a moment to send us your questions and the details as mentioned below for predictions online. Your questions about future life, education & career, love, marriage & children, financial wealth, family & friends or a particular event/situation will be duly answered by Siva Raju Swamy. You have a great fortune ahead! Information Requirements for Online Nadi Astrology Prediction.

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Srishivanadi provides best online Vaitheeswaran Koil nadi astrology by famous astrologer in hyderabad. by using this online method you can save time and money.

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Nadi Astrology - An ancient form of astrology practised in southern India, Nadi Astrology reveal secrets of your Past and Future - After all how can someone find about you by just taking your thumb print.

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Indian nadi astrology has many chapters Kusdumba,Sahodara,Matru,Putra,Shathru,Kalyana,Aayur,Thakapanar,Karma,Laabha,Vyaya,Santhi,Dheekshai,Aushadha,Disabukthi chapters

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When a thumb impression from a native is obtained it is handed over by the reader at the library. The palm-leaf bundles are classified & indexed in the library according to thumb impression to facilitate easy searching of the bundles. For each thumb impression there are likely to be around 5 to 6 bundles; each such bundle will contain between 50 to 100 leaves. The leaf of one particular individual may be found out in the first bundle or in any other bundle among the six. some times it may not be found out, as the predictions from this holy script is confined to some limited souls. Hence, the process of finding out this specific leaf is laborious and time consuming. Because the reader has to read out one statement from the first leaf and if it is confirmed by the native, he will read out the second statement to verify its veracity. If this statement does not hold true for the native the reader will have to go on searching leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to trace out the one leaf in which all the particulars concerning the Native correctly appear., To expedite this process the Native has to extend his full co-operation i.e., he should listen to the reading carefully and answer correctly. This results in the tracing out of not only the leaf but also the first Kaandam also called General Kaandam representing the native's lagna. The General Kaandam will also furnish brief predictions of the remaining 12 houses of the Native's birth chart, If detailed predictions of any other house are required, they can be studied in the relevant Kaandam given in the Annexure. For acquiring the good results, as extended by this holy script, the Rishis insist that the Native should be free from the evil influence of all their previous birth sins. Therefore, the rishis suggest and specifies the performance of certain parihaaras (remedies). If these Remedies are performed with full involvement, the Rishi assures the happening of the events predicted by him. These are found in separate chapters called Shanthi&Deeksha(No 13 & 14).

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Naadi History Astrology is all about transformation of life over a period of time. Naadi Astrology is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India. Life has its origin in God’s love and is judged by the movements of heavenly bodies and stars; it is this notion that forms the basis or foundation of astrology. It is a well known fact that the ancient people used the sky as reference to record, mark and measure time which involved relative movements of planetary position(s). The history of Nadi Astrology is connected with the Lord Shiva who has prophesied the life of every living being millions of years ago. The God of all Gods, Shiva bestowed his blessings upon the Nava-grahas or nine planets so that they may preside over the fates of all who are born in this universe. It all starts when Goddess Parvati, the divine consort of Lord Shiva was curious to know the fate of her children.

Often described as the ‘Destroyer’, God Shiva narrates ‘Amar Katha’ or the story of Immortality to Parvati, another form of ‘Shakti’. The past, present and the future lives of all humans were foretold by Shiva to Parvati and the predictions were visualised by the Hindu sages with their divine insight. The revelations about past, present and future were thus recorded by chosen disciples on palm leaf manuscripts, preserved and passed down through generations. Nadi Astrology is what science could not fathom till date from the ancient ages.

Nadi Astrology is a great work of compilation, predicting the future of mankind as dictated by the ‘Rishis’ or sages; the prominent among them being Bhrugu, Vasistha, Agastya, Shukra, Sivavakkiyar, Atri and other noble saints. And the language used to record the Naadi predictions is ancient or old poetic Tamil language. In addition to Nadi Astrology the saints were masters in Ayurveda and Sidha or Herbal medicine, science, self defence arts and spirituality.

Would not it be mind boggling to know that Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu, India will have in possession the records of your past, present and future? Can you imagine that the impression of your thumb can help someone generate accurate predictions of your life? In fact the prediction includes telling the names of your mother, father, spouse etc. Some may call this knowledge divination; some may think of it as black magic; but the truth is – it is incredible clairvoyance set to unleash the true potential of life giving you the power of decisionmaking.

There are different forms or classifications of Naadi in existence; some of them are Sirunool, Perunool,Thulliyam, Agasthya Naadi, Shiva Naadi among others. The greatness of Sivanadi lies in its simple yet detailed and descriptive predictions about the future of individuals; and thus sets the path forward to wipe out the aftermath of the past birth Karma giving an opportunity to mould the future.

Siva Naadi delivers vivid, effective and realistic answers to all the questions of past, present and future of an individual. A Siva Raju Swamy, personally attends and answers all questions. Originally, the predictions were recorded for the entire mankind. The predictions are available for everyone irrespective of gender, race, religion, nationality etc. And unlike other practices, Sivanadi Astrology views ‘Atheism’ as a doctrine. However, it is only those who have the will to accommodate fortune or are influenced by destiny would seek the truth in all its glory! Welcome to the home of accurate and detailed prescriptions, personalised for you by Rajuji A Siva Raju Swamy.

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The Rishis of Ancient India applied their minds and discovered many arts and sciences for the well-being of future generations of mankind. One such science is Astrology. There are several branches in Astrology viz Horoscopy., i.e. casting and reading horoscopes based on the Positions of planets at the time of birth of a Person and the movements of the Planets across the Zodiac. This is a well developed science as exhibited from ancient manuscripts like Brihat samhita, Jathaka Paarijatha etc. Palmistry, Numerology and Nadi reading are the other disciplines. Experiences our family has so far and feedback from our clientele makes us to learn that the predictions being expounded through the records of palm leaves we preserve, aptly suits to the natives only 80 percent that is too only to 80 percent of the total visitors. The remedies being prescribed here in the holy script including the temple poojas are left to the sheer choice of the individuals concerned.

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