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Global Bromine Market Size, Growth, Industry Trends Forecasts 2025

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The Global Bromine Market value was accounted for USD XXX Billion in 2017 and is predicted to reach USD XXX Billion in the forecast period. The growth is predicted to be at a CAGR of XX % during the forecast period. Bromine is an extremely explosive and corrosive element, it is a red brown liquid at room temperature and readily evaporates to form metals when in contact with great pressures. Also, it is similar to halogen having features similar to both chlorine and iodine. Bromine is a crystalline mineral halide salt and is present in various categories of organ bromine compounds, hydrogen bromide, bromine fluids, and others. Bromine is a natural element that can be easily found in sea, lakes, and underground wells. Dead-sea is the richest resource to find bromine.

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Bromine and its byproducts are more and more being popularly used in reducing the mercury discharge from smokestacks of coal-fired plants that is hazardous to humans. Actually, many governments have regulations to arrest/punish responsible for mercury emission. This as a result has caused a boost to the global bromine market. Besides, bromine is similarly used in water treatment – be it industrial water treatment or commercial water purification or residential. This is another factor driving the growth of global bromine industry.

Bromine industry is impacted negatively, due to the point that bromine is a dangerous waste. The process of disposal has to be very careful with minimum damage to the surroundings. Also, the vapor produced by bromine is highly corrosive which aggravates in the presence of moisture due to the acids formed. An important factor for Bromine is to keep it dry during transportation and storage.

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