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IndianMoney provides an unbiased free financial advice to ensure that you are not misguided while buying any kind of financial products or services. Before buying any financial services from your agents or associates, just give a missed call to IndianMoney @ 022-6181-6111 and talk to our financial advisors and get the right information about all type of financial products (Insurance, Personal or Business Loan, Motor Insurance, Bank Accounts, Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stocks or Real Estate Properties). At Indianmoney, the company has around 300+ strong team to share Mr. Sudheer's vision that "The dream of a developed India is possible only when we have 100% Financial Literacy".


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What is bond fund? A bond is just like a loan. The holder of the bond is the lender or creditor. The issuer of the bond is the borrower or debtor. The bond holder has a higher right over the residual assets of a Company, when compared to the shareholders of the Company. If a Company goes bankrupt, the bond holder has a higher claim on the assets of the firm vis-à-vis shareholders. The bondholder has no share in the profits of the firm. Visit to read more.

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