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BIS Research is a global market intelligence, research and advisory company which focuses on those emerging trends in technology which are likely to disrupt the dynamics of the market over the next five (or ten) years. With over 150 market intelligence reports published annually, BIS Research focuses on various technology verticals such as 3D printing, advanced materials & chemicals, aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics & semiconductors, robotics & UAV and other emerging technologies. Each research report incorporates detailed analysis and subsequent quantification of- market dynamics, market drivers and restraints, opportunities, threats, market shares, current and emerging industry trends as well as detailed competitive landscape and intelligence.

Advanced Materials & Chemicals

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Rapid technological advancement in product innovation has led to a stage of successive growth of enhanced materials in the market. Almost every major industry, including construction, transportation, utilities, logistics, food and beverage, cosmetics, telecommunications, healthcare, and oil and gas, among others, makes pragmatic use of chemicals and materials for manufacturing their products. Analyses by BIS Research involve effective examination of commercialization and technological innovation of advanced chemicals and materials sector. Extensive market research has been undertaken by the team on various markets such as transition metals market, engineering ceramics market, smart textile and e-textile market, metal finishing and pharmaceutical packaging market, among others.

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Thermoelectric Materials Market Report, Industry Analysis and Forecast

The market share for the various regions in the thermoelectric materials market in terms of value and volume. In terms of value, Asia-Pacific region occupied the highest share of XX% in 2017 which is further expected to increase to XX% by 2023. The presence of leading thermoelectric manufacturers combined with the concentration of material production in Asia-Pacific helps the region to occupy the highest share in the market.

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