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Get result-oriented magento extension, sugarcrm and suitecrm plugins, dynamics crm and wordpress widgets, odoo apps and themes and mobile application to boost business revenue.

TapCRM: How These 6 Industries Can Use It

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It is Time You Revamped Your Sales Funnel

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Using Survey Reports to Comprehend Survey Results Better

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Avail 10% off on purchase of all AppJetty non-recursive products this Christmas season by applying the coupon code XMAS 10 at the checkout page.

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When people search for anything online, they often expect comparatively lower prices and hassle-free delivery. Almost all online shoppers expect them. For a seamless delivery process, you must have all the right shipping tools to add that delight to your customers’ experience. Every step after a customer places an order comes under ‘shipping’. And it &hellip

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Ever since businesses started giving app-specific discounts, everyone chooses to install these apps on their phones. As a company, you benefit when you have a permanent space on your customers’ phones.

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There are several tools that help you take the stress out of your entire shipping process. Take a look at different extensions and their functionalities for better shipping experience.

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This blog talks about the importance of having a language translator for your estore, and how it can help you expand your customer base.

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Taking your Magento 2 e-store global? Here’s how you can create multiple language stores from your Magento 2 backend to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

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Mobile app builder for Magento 2 is a mobile app extension which helps you to build a native Android app and native iOS app for your Magento 2 store easily and quickly.

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AppJetty adds a shipping extension for small businesses with features like shipping rate modification and order list generation via CSV files.

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Language should not be a barrier for your customers. We know Google Translate does the work but is it enough? Learn how you can overcome Google Translate’s shortcomings.

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Dynamics CRM is the newest addition to the CRM race but has taken the industry by storm with feature like Dynamics CRM Map integration and their in-depth bifurcated CRM modules.

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Most powerful inventory management extension for magento with stock, warehouse, supplier & invoice management modules and android & ios based free mobile app.

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This blog post talks about the ways that cloud computing will change the way Australia Post does shipping. Read on to know more about their implementation of cloud services.

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Survey response rate could be crucial to your next business decision. See where you should be aiming and how to take your survey to the next level.

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Learn how you can eliminate the daily inventory problems with just one e-commerce inventory management platform. Take control of your inventory today! Read more...

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Survey automation can help you execute the surveys more efficiently and at the same time creating a hassle-free experience for your customers and personnel.

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Survey tools offer a lot of convenience and efficiency to the business owners with the automation feature. It enables them to create a survey workflow from the backend and implement the surveys accordingly.

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Odoo mobile ecommerce store theme is responsive and customizable odoo template for online mobile store website selling mobile or other gadgets and accessories.

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How CRM accessibility on mobile devices can be liberating for professionals who prefer to be out there in the field.

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Starting an eCommerce business is like an auction. To get the success you need to compete with the industry leaders to mark your place in the race. In order to that, the presentation of your website is the first thing you need to work on. As customers notice it at their first glance.

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Salesforce WordPress customer portal allow your users to manage their own details and get on demand support through an integrated system which connects WordPress and Salesforce.

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Product search suggestions plugin allows odoo store admin to provide their customers intelligent search suggestions and quicker and more refined search results.

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Survey Rocket is a flagship sugarcrm survey module that provides wide range of features such as Survey Automation, Data Piping, Skip Logic, Advance Logic, Scoring, NPS, and more. Start 30-days trial now!

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Crafito Odoo theme is a responsive and highly customizable multipurpose ecommerce template with huge range of custom snippets to manage all aspect of odoo store and website.

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Dynamics 365 Alerts and Notifications to Increase Productivity

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Magento shipping extensions features and functionalities help you to streamline the shipping process. Check it out the ways to make shipping process more effective with Magento.

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AppJetty has come up with an unmissable Christmas Offer! As a part of it, we are offering 10% off on all our products. All you need to do is apply the coupon code XMAS10 and get flat 10% off on Magento 1 & 2 Extensions, Odoo Add-ons and themes as well as WordPress, Dynamics, and Sugar/Suite CRM Plugins

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Here are the few good reasons you should have a survey tool integrated within your CRM software, whether you have a less customers or thousands of them.

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