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Dr. Granger and his center at Acupuncture and Injury has provided high-quality Auto Injury Treatment, independent medical examinations, hormone replacement therapy to patients and Addiction Treatment In Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area. Whatever your specific need is, we are highly experienced and well-prepared to give you the care and services that you require. 

Addiction Treatment

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Why Suboxone and not Methadone | Acupuncture and Injury

This post is about if you need help getting started with treatment or you want to switch from Methadone to a Suboxone product.

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How to Avoid the Methadone Trap | Addiction Treatment Center at Marietta

The Buprenoprhine dosage used has a lower MME than patients commonly using Methadone therapy Here we have discussed How to avoid the Methadone Trap.

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Opiate Dependence or Addiction

As recovery awareness month closes we should ALL remember to be nonjudgmental and use alternatives to opiates whenever possible. Here is discussed Opiate Dependence or Addiction.

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Can your doctor lead you to recovery from Opiate addiction? - Acupuncture & Injury

Medically assisted therapy for opiate addiction has many critics. Some value only specific counseling treatment programs for opiate addiction. Read for more about recovery from Opiate Addiction.

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Low THC and CBD OIL: What’s all the hype about?

What’s the difference between CBD oil and Low THC oil? There are many Cannabinoids each having different attributes. Read more about it here.

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