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When writing a book, developing effective minor characters can be challenging. So take your time crafting the intricate characteristics of your supporting cast.

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I like the word, ‘brisk’.
It’s like a tight slap to wake you up for night driving.
It’s like being dunked in ice-cold water by a communist.
It’s like meeting an ex with a better better-half by your side.
It’s like black coffee on a fuzzy morning, tearing your mind apart.
I like the word, ‘brisk’.

Date night is coming up, and you want to look your best. You’ve even decided to go out and get a new cocktail dress for the occasion. But which dress to choose? This depends heavily on the kind of body shape you have, and it’s important to choose a dress which looks flattering.

Reviews are a crucial part of an author's book marketing strategy. New authors, indie authors in particular, depend on paid book reviews to spread the word about their books. Because it is much more difficult for indie authors to get noticed, paid book review sites can be appealing.

Nowadays, with a mobile device, writers have virtually limitless tools for digital productivity at their fingertips. If you are a writer and you have a mobile device, you possess one of the most powerful writing resources in the world. This is especially true if your phone or tablet has access to the best writing apps around. Here’s a list of the best apps every writer should have:

The United States Postal Service has unveiled a brand new stamp to recognize and celebrate the holy month of Ramzan. The calligraphy delivers the message of Eidukum Mubarak which means “May your Eid be blessed”.

For some writers, grammar is a major struggle. But it’s a struggle that can be overcome with a little commitment, and by using the many grammar resources available online today. With the appropriate writing resources on hand, anyone can succeed as a competent writer.

The Royal Australian Mint has collaborated with Woolworths to bring you a series of limited edition Australian Olympics and Paralympics coins with a face value of $2. The 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics commemorative coins will be available for purchase at Woolworths and The Royal Australian Mint.

Social media optimization is essentially using social media as a catalyst to drive traffic to your website and make grow your company online presence. SMO is the process in which you make your content easily shareable across the social web so that it can lead to increase the traffic to your site as friends share the content, so you are likely reaching a well-targeted audience further it leads...

Editing is one of the most important aspects of self publishing. It is an essential element of self publishing; however, editing services can cost a lot of money. Most writers in pursuit of their self publishing dreams do not possess the necessary funds to have their book edited professionally. If this is your struggle, there are a few cheap editing options that can help you polish your...

If you are writing a series, it is not only important that you write your book with enough suspense to feed a reader's desire to finish what they've started, but it is also imperative that you leave your reader wanting more.

After India came under the British regime, several British India notes and British Indian currency notes were officially issued. Mintage World has a complete database of these kinds of Notes.

After Independence, several republic India notes were issued by the country. Mintage World has detailed information about Old Notes of Republic India. Get, set and explore them now!

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Ancient India has a rich history behind it. Old Indian coins from this era will give you a clear reflection about India’s traditions and magnificence. These can be broadly classified on basis of the Janapadas they belonged to. Some Coins featured depictions of emperors and dates which help us accurately learn about important historical events that occurred around that time. If you have been...

Any author can write a romance tale about two people falling in love. However, only a few authors can craft stories that know how to pull on our heartstrings. The best romance authors are writers who have an inimitable command over the genre, capturing readers with a beautiful love story.

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As with most writing resources, writing podcasts are a dime a dozen today. They are an amazing tool for anyone looking for writing resources for authors – from creative writing, self-publishing and book marketing to keeping up with the latest news and trends in the publishing industry.